Hands-on Experience with Level 3 Massage

Millie has worked at Bliss Beauty Salon for the past year, offering a mix of treatments to her clients from waxing to massage. She is working towards her Level 3 Massage qualification alongside this. She studied Level 2 in college but decided to switch to the apprenticeship route to gain more hands-on experience.


Not enough hands-on experience in college

I went straight to college after finishing my GCSE’s. I enjoyed college – I love learning and we got to be in all day every day studying. However, because of the pandemic we couldn’t have clients in so we just had to practice on one other. I knew that when I left I wouldn’t have the experience I needed.


I’ve built up confidence with clients

I decided to study an apprenticeship to get that hands-on experience that I missed out on. Over the past year I have built up a lot of regular clients. When I started I found working with clients a bit difficult, but I’ve built up a lot of confidence with support from my salon. I really enjoy the theory side of my apprenticeship too – I get to study things like anatomy and physiology.


Great support from my trainer coach

I love working with Rhian, my trainer coach. She is lovely and I feel like she really understands the way I like to learn. Whenever she comes in, we get loads done which is great for me. I love to just push forward and work through things. I get good support from her and ISA Training.


Apprenticeships give you flexibility

The apprenticeship route is great because you get a lot of flexibility with your studies. You get to work, earn money, gain experience and get a qualification out of it. For my age, I think it is definitely the best choice I could have made.


Enhance your skills in the beauty industry and study massage.

June 20, 2022