Pursuing My Dream Career at Twenty-Seven

10 years after his first job in a salon, Oli finally took the step to pursue his dream career. Although he always had a passion for hairdressing, pressures from school and university had stopped Oli from realizing that it was what he was meant to do – until the pandemic hit.  


“I felt pressure from school to go to university”

In year 10, I did my work experience in a local salon. Afterwards they offered me a Saturday job. The owner taught me a lot on the job and gave me the basics I needed. I would be given home videos to take home and learn from. In that salon, they always told me “don’t go to university you’ve got a talent for this.” But I felt the pressure from school to follow that path.  


“I feel like I’ve technically been doing hair for 15 years”

Even throughout university I always did friends and family’s hair, I did online courses and kept myself up to date with everything. I feel like technically I’ve been doing hair for about 15 years, but on paper it’s less than a year. A lot of my jobs have always been hair adjacent. I went straight from university to a blow dry bar that sold hair products.


“I’m now doing what I should have always done”

When you get past your early twenties and start making your own money, you can get caught up in your lifestyle. Losing my job in the pandemic made me think about what I had always loved but never properly done.


“Not everyone is going to be a banker or a lawyer”

In school, they always want you to do what they think is best for you, education wise. Not everyone is going to be a banker or a lawyer though. I will always thank that 2 weeks work experience because I found my love of hair and having that push from them always stuck in my mind. I’m happier now career wise than I have ever been, doing what I was always meant to do.


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March 22, 2022