Welcome to ISA Restyle!

You’re looking at ISA Training’s brand-new website. After 21years of successfully helping businesses and learners across South Wales and beyond, ISA Training is now a part of the of apprenticeship specialists; so we’re celebrating by refreshing our brand and how we communicate with our valued customers.


We’ve restyled our website, we’ve restyled our magazine (formerly Hot Gossip) and we’ve launched our own ISA Restyle Awards to celebrate our customers’ successes. It’s all in the interest of supporting our core focus:


Employers – we’ve a proud reputation for supporting local businesses by working with employers to deliver training where skills gaps exist, to facilitate the growth of companies in our community


Learners – the heart of our business is to enhance learners’ lives and career opportunities through the delivery of outstanding training


Quality –is at the core of everything that we do. Commended by Estyn reports and with outstanding employer and learner feedback data, we are proud of the quality of training that we provide

September 1, 2019