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Creative Workshops

Creative Workshops

Creative Workshop 2019 Year Planner can be downloaded here

Workshop Themes 2019

JANUARY –  Sharp Short Cuts

You will be recreating iconic styled looks which you will find on social media.
We hope to inspire you with cool session stylist’s techniques and ‘how-to’ tutorials on the latest looks.
You will need to bring a good range of styling tools and equipment as you will be recreating your chosen look. A practice head and stand is a must.


FEBRUARY –  Creative Cutting
This session will be covering creative cutting techniques. You will be taking part in step by step cutting with demonstration as well as activities relating to the angles of each of these cuts. Cutting can be one of the hardest parts of you apprenticeship and will be a very popular workshop so please be sure to book and secure your place!!
You will need cutting equipment including scissors, cutting comb, section clips and a hairdryer and brush. Oh and of course a practice head and stand!


MARCH  – Hair up Day
As Salon Cymru is just around the corner, this session will be based around hair up techniques. You will cover everything from products, to accessories, to carrying out what you have learnt. There will be a light hearted competition amongst ourselves on the finished designs. Learners entering Salon Cymru are welcome to come to squeeze in a final practice.
You will need a range of styling tools and equipment including grips, any accessories you may wish to use and of course a practice head and stand.


APRIL  – Fun with Foils
You will be experimenting with placement methods and creative techniques including balayage using both foil, meche and freehand. You will have a go at the creative aspects of highlighting as well as perfecting your application technique and timing. There will be a fun competition based on the best application and timing of foils. There may be a prize!
You will need foil/meche, tint brush and bowl, pintail comb and section clips and a hairdryer and brush. Yep you guessed it you will need a practice head and stand too!


MAY  – Cutting Around the Clock  – Looking at styles over the decades
You will research into the iconic cutting looks of the decades to see how fashion has evolved. There will be a guest stylist in attendance to complete a demonstration on an advanced cut to whom you can ask questions and tips.
Bring a practice head and stand, cutting tools and equipment including a razor, and you will try out different methods of using your tools for texturizing and cutting.


JUNE –  Fade Away
A guest barber will be demonstrating a fade within this session and will help you to achieve the look on your own clients by giving you tips and tricks for getting the best blend possible. This session will also cover flat topping practice on blocks and the other basic cuts in theory.
You will need ideally a men’s practice head with stand and you cutting kit, to include clippers with grades, comb, scissors and thinners.


JULY – Open Day
This session is to be used to train apprentices in any area needed to help them progress in their apprenticeship. Book your place the usual way by calling the office and please speak to you assessor about what area you would like training in so that we can prepare ourselves accordingly. Please note you will need to bring the appropriate kit including a practice head for training in the area you wish for.


SEPTEMBER  – Autumn Trends
The season is changing and therefore so are the trends. You will research the most up to date Autumnal trends which may include colour contouring, autumnal shades, fashion cuts and ways to style the hair. Bring with you a recent magazine or campaign from a manufacturer and you will recreate your own bespoke image based on these trends.
Please bring a practice head and stand, styling kit, cutting kit and colouring tools.


OCTOBER  – Avant Garde and Non-conventional
It’s the time to create spooktacular hair in time for Halloween. You will be styling/setting hair using a non-conventional item. You will be pulling an item out of a pumpkin in a lucky dip and must create a design on your block incorporating the item into the styling. You will be given ideas as to how these items can be used and then it’s up to you for the overall design of the style.
Please bring a range of styling or setting kit including products and grips and a practice head and stand.


NOVEMBER  – Weird Science
This month we will be going in depth into the colouring theory. We will be covering colour selection using the colouring wheel. You will be given colouring case studies to work through as a group and come up with solutions on how you would carry out the colour and what techniques you would use. We will also have a micro scope within the session so you can look deep in to the hair on how the colour reacts on different types of conditions of hair.