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Cassie Newell

Cassie is 19 and has been training with ISA since she was 16, starting on a Pre Apprenticeship programme in 2009 to prepare her for a Foundation Apprenticeship.

Just as Cassie was finishing her Level 1 Qualification, her Training Consultant Louise Spillane told her about the Oyster Project and in particular the Learner Exchange Programme. Cassie was working in a small salon with 5 members of staff and Louise thought is would be good for Cassie to experience work in a very large salon in Cheltenham for a day. The exchange was arranged and, although she was really nervous to start with, within an hour she had settled in and was helping in the salon and shampooing clients. She really enjoyed being in a bigger salon and seeing how the stylists had different ways of doing things.

“I would tell anyone thinking about going on a learner exchange to go for it” said Cassie “the experience really broadened my horizons and inspired me to look for a new job back home, in a larger salon.”

The experience gave Cassie the confidence to apply for a job in Jazz, a salon twice the size of the one she was working in. At interview she spoke about ISA’s Learner Exchange programme and got the job. ISA Training were already working with Jazz so the transition regarding Cassie’s training was seamless.

Cassie is on track to achieve her NVQ Level 2 in February 2012 and she then plans to start a Customer Service qualification on ISA’s unique Gap Year Programme. This will bridge the gap between Level 2 and 3 Hairdressing and will enhance Cassie’s customer service skills, which are essential when working in a large salon. During The Gap Year Cassie’s technical skills will improve in readiness for a full Level 3 Apprenticeship.