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Welcome to Shirley's Blog All the ups, downs, fun, ins and outs of campaigning for professionalism of the Hairdressing sector in Wales. Follow Shirley's journey as she meets hairdressers and decision makers who can assist her in influencing the change to a regulated, safe and professional sector.

14th March Cardiff and Vale College, Barry

What a pleasure to talk to the students at Cardiff and Vale College, Barry campus yesterday on the latest stop of the campaign tour. Again I was fortunate to see both Level 3 and Level 1 students. It was obvious from the outset that the work of the Hair Council and state registration is something which had been discussed throughout their programme of study led by State Registered Hairdresser and lecturer Nicola Harmonda.

These were students who were extremely proud of their profession and keen to put the final stamp on that by becoming state registered. They asked for the application forms as you can see from the photo below. Both Level 3 and Level 1 students asked some fantastic questions. Following a discussion about my political campaigning, I was even asked “WHEN (not if) registration becomes mandatory, what will you do next?” It is something I haven’t given much thought to, but I will definitely move onto another area of the industry which needs a voice.

What belief from these students that they are professionals and will join a ‘profession’ once they have qualified. It was so refreshing and I am very much looking forward to going back to present the Level 3 students with their certificates once they become registered.




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