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Welcome to Shirley's Blog All the ups, downs, fun, ins and outs of campaigning for professionalism of the Hairdressing sector in Wales. Follow Shirley's journey as she meets hairdressers and decision makers who can assist her in influencing the change to a regulated, safe and professional sector.

All Party Parliamentary Group Meeting 1st March 2016

What a fantastic meeting the APPG was on St David’s Day – 1st March in Westminster.  The topic of the meeting was Sustainability in the Hair industry. Speaking were Kerry McCarthy, Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, who also led the discussion, Dr Denise Baden from Southampton Business School and Doug Clarke, Growth & Water Efficiency Manager at Severn Trent Water.

Southampton Business School and Trent Water have completed research into the sustainability of the hair sector and presented the findings. Should we wash once, not twice? Should we use leave in conditioners to further reduce our environmental footprint? VTCT are already looking at developing a Certificate of Sustainability for stylists and salons. Watch this space.

We welcomed Easy Dry towels from Ireland to the meeting who demonstrated just how much money salons could save.

A very important action was taken away by Christina Rees MP who was very interested in what exact element of steel is in the alloy used in scissors and combs and where does this steel come from. In light of the recently announced proposed job losses in the South Wales steel industry due to cheaper imports, this is something that will get the Welsh AMs and MPs interested. Christina will work with Ian Egerton from NHF to investigate further.

The APPG was chaired by John McNally MP who, as always, run a tight ship, enabling everyone to contribute in the limited time allocated. We could have gone on for another 3 hours!

I am so delighted that this APPG is meaningful and purposeful, discussing the real issues that affect our sector on a daily basis. My only regret at this meeting was that it was the last one attended by our outgoing Registrar Sally Styles. Sally, you will be missed.

On my way this morning to the Strategic Board Meeting of HABIA in London followed by a late meeting with Connect PR to discuss the next stage of my Political Lobbying campaign for state registration.




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