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Welcome to Shirley's Blog All the ups, downs, fun, ins and outs of campaigning for professionalism of the Hairdressing sector in Wales. Follow Shirley's journey as she meets hairdressers and decision makers who can assist her in influencing the change to a regulated, safe and professional sector.

Collaboration with Chwarae Teg

Last week I had an interesting and productive meeting with Joy Kent, Chief Executive of Chwarae Teg and DR Alison Parken, Senior Research Fellow of Cardiff Business School. Discussions revolved around raising the perception and professionalism of the hair industry and how this is effected by gender and over / under representation and pay which are all intrinsically linked.

Do you know that women make up 90% of the employees in the hair sector but 90% of Master Craftsmen are male. We discussed how the role of a hairdresser or barber is evaluated and risk assessed, with agreement across the board that the job role is very undervalued.

We must get the research to back up what we already know, that the sector contributes massively to the Welsh and UK Economy. Watch this space……….

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