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Welcome to Shirley's Blog All the ups, downs, fun, ins and outs of campaigning for professionalism of the Hairdressing sector in Wales. Follow Shirley's journey as she meets hairdressers and decision makers who can assist her in influencing the change to a regulated, safe and professional sector.

Two West Wales Salons Fully State Registered

What a pleasure to visit two teams of professional hairdressers and barbers over the last week from the same family run business, Todaros.
Stephen Crabb MP was delighted to accompany me to the presentation at Haverfordwest on 7th October and I visited the Milford Haven salon on 14th October to present the certificates to the registered qualified stylists there. They are a great family  with a long history in Pembrokeshire. When Milford Haven was an extremely busy port and centre for heavy industry, there were queues and queues on Saturday mornings for men to get their hair cut there!! Jackie Bugler, joint owner of our sub-contractor HB Training, who look after Todaro’s apprenticeships, was the first member of staff to be recruited outside the family.
It is wonderful that the campaign for State Registration is being heard, supported and acted upon in an increasingly wider geographic area in Wales and this makes me very proud. #getregistered






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