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Welcome to Shirley's Blog All the ups, downs, fun, ins and outs of campaigning for professionalism of the Hairdressing sector in Wales. Follow Shirley's journey as she meets hairdressers and decision makers who can assist her in influencing the change to a regulated, safe and professional sector.

Wales Hair & Beauty Show and Northern Ireland

I had a fantastic reception at the Wales Hair & Beauty Show at Cardiff and Vale College yesterday. Everywhere I went, people knew who I was and wanted to talk to me about State Registration – WOW – I couldn’t believe it!!

I am just about to take off from Cardiff International Airport on route to Belfast to meet Bridgeen King, Chair of the Northern Ireland Strategic Think Tank, her HC team and a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) this afternoon. Tomorrow I am meeting Jonathan King from Denman. Weather is better in Belfast than back home!!

Just bumped into Michael Quinn, the organiser of yesterday’s Wales Hair & Beauty Show, on his way back home to Belfast.

Watch this space for updates from the campaign in Northern Ireland.

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