What is a Traineeship?

A Traineeship in Hairdressing, Barbering or Beauty could be the perfect route to help you find a job, Apprenticeship or get into college.Traineeships are is for young people aged 16-18 in Wales.A Traineeship is a learning programme that gives you the skills you need to get a job or progress to further learning such as an Apprenticeship. Traineeships are a fantastic opportunity to get some work experience in a real salon whilst getting paid.You’ll get the chance to enhance your CV, work with industry experts and get your name heard in the industry.

Why should I do a Traineeship?

 Why should employers consider taking on a trainee?

For employers Traineeships offer the chance to access fresh talent, gaining an extra team member who is passionate about joining the industry and keen to impress. Salons are able to train and mould their trainee around business needs, with the prospect of taking them on as an apprentice – salons love taking on trainees as it means they can develop the next generation of hair and beauty experts with the skills specific to make their business grow.

How much does it cost to take on a trainee?

Trainees are paid fifty pounds a week for a minimum of 30 hours, all fully funded, meaning salons can benefit from having an extra staff member all for free. We are excited to give young people the chance to pursue a career the hair, beauty and hairdressing industry and are thrilled to be able to support this fantastic offer that helps to sprout, grow and develop their artistic wings.

At Educ8 we offer Traineeship Level 1

On the Level 1 programme trainees will do work experience and get a Traineeship Level 1 qualification in either hairdressing, beauty or barbering. There is a chance of course that your work experience could also become a permanent job!

Trainees will have an allowance of £50.00 per week (for full time attendance) and  can also claim for travel costs over £5.00 per week as well as any childcare costs and other support costs if relevant.

We can’t wait to see what our young trainees will do!

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