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ISA are Wales’ only dedicated hairdressing, barbering and beauty specialist training provider, our staff are industry experts who’ve worked in, managed and owned their own salons. We understand the business, its needs, and what it takes to make your career in the hair and beauty industry a success.

We’re here to help the employers and learners we work with Inspire, Succeed and Amaze.

Hairdressing Apprenticeships are available to anyone over the age of 16 in Wales, allowing you to gain new skills and a nationally recognised qualification, all whilst earning a wage. As an apprentice you will learn valuable skills from industry professionals and gain key insights into the sector.

All of your training as an apprentice will be completed within the salon, meaning you’ll gain transferable skills, get a crucial step on the career ladder and get that direct experience craved by salon owners, allowing you to fully enhance your future.

At ISA we offer the following Apprenticeships:

Level 2 Apprenticeship in Hairdressing

The Level 2 qualification provides the necessary skills and knowledge that will prove your professional competence as a hairdresser. Suitable for learners who are just starting out in the industry, the Level 2 Apprenticeship allows apprentices to learn basic skills such as shampooing, conditioning, perming, cutting, and styling within a salon environment, accelerating your careers to reach junior stylist.

Level 3 Apprenticeship in Hairdressing

Training focused on more advanced hairdressing techniques and salon practices. Do you want to become a senior stylist? This qualification is suitable for those more experienced hairdressers or those who have completed the Level 2 Apprenticeship. The Level 3 Hairdressing Apprenticeship will increase your skill-set within the salon, allowing you to develop and specialise your skills.

Level 4 Diploma in Advanced Techniques & Management Practices in Hairdressing

The Level 4 qualification is an advanced Apprenticeship where you can specialise in one of two optional routes: either Senior Practitioner and Stylist or Salon Manager/Director. The Level 4 Apprenticeship is perfect for qualified hairdressing professionals. If you dream of running your own salon or want to progress to a sector-leading position within the industry then this is the qualification for you.

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