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If you have recently lost your job, been made redundant in the past year, or you are currently facing redundancy, you may be eligible for the ReAct+ vocational training grant, supported by Educ8 Training Group.  

ReAct+ aims to support you in returning to employment as swiftly as possible. Whatever your situation, ReAct+ can support with mental health, confidence-building, and language proficiency, addressing any potential barriers to employment. 

The help you receive is unique to your individual circumstances and may include financial support, skills training and qualifications. In addition to care and travel costs associated with upskilling and wage subsidies, ReAct+ gives you all the help you need to get back to work. Visit the Educ8 Training website for more information.


Jobs Growth Wales+

Jobs Growth Wales+ is a training and development programme designed for 16–18-year-olds living in South Wales. It aims to ease young people into the world of work, giving them a taster of the sector they are interested in.  

JGW+ is a Level 1 qualification that gives you practical skills and on-the-job training. Instead of going to college, you can earn up to £60 per week and get job experience to help build your CV and increase your employment opportunities. 

Doing a Level 1 qualification gives you a platform to progress onto a Level 2 apprenticeship. Choose to study one of our hair, beauty or barbering courses and get a head start in your career.   


Wellbeing and Safeguarding

Your wellbeing and safety are a priority. Life can be challenging and stressful and can have a negative impact on your mental health and overall wellbeing. Should you ever feel overwhelmed, anxious, or simply in need of someone to talk to, it is important that you reach out for support.  

Our wellbeing service is here to help. Our Designated Safeguarding Lead at Educ8 Training Group offers one-to-one confidential support, ensuring that you have a safe space to express how you are feeling. We can also refer to appropriate agencies to make sure you get all the help you need.  

It is important to us that you feel safe and happy both in work and at home and have everything you need to succeed. Find out how you can access support via the Educ8 Training website.


Welsh Opportunities

If you are a Welsh speaker or looking to practice your Welsh language skills, you have access to doing all or parts of your qualification in Welsh. With support from our Welsh Development Officer, you will have plenty of opportunities to use your Welsh while studying with us. 

Welsh speakers are highly sought after, and many of our employers prioritise candidates who are bilingual and can communicate in English and Welsh. Using your Welsh can facilitate communication with Welsh speaking clients as well as improve overall customer service for your business.  

Educ8 Training also offer a Prentis-laith course that helps supports fluent and non-fluent Welsh speakers to develop skills in the workplace. Discover Welsh opportunities through the Educ8 Training website.


Apprenticeships in Wales FAQs

Who can study an apprenticeship?   

Our hair and beauty apprenticeships are available to anyone over the age of 16 who are living in Wales. There is no upper age limit to studying an apprenticeship.  

What apprenticeships can you study?  

ISA Training offer qualifications in Hairdressing, Beauty Therapy, and Barbering ranging from Level 1 JGW+ to Level 2 and 3 apprenticeships. We also offer additional courses delivered by Educ8 Training Group in Social Media for Business, Digital Marketing, Customer Service and Leadership and Management.    

How much do qualifications cost?   

All our qualifications are free. Train for free in your chosen sector and gain a nationally accredited qualification at the end.  

How long does it take to complete an apprenticeship?   

Apprenticeships can vary depending on the level you study. Level 2 apprenticeships can take between 12–18 months to complete, whereas higher apprenticeships can take between 18–24 months.  

How much will I get paid as an apprentice?   

Salaries will vary depending on your age, role, experience, and qualification. If you apply for one of our apprenticeship vacancies, you will expect to receive at least minimum wage for an apprentice. If you are already employed and wanting to upskill in your current role, your salary will not be affected.

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