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ISA are Wales’ only dedicated barbering, hairdressing and beauty specialist training provider, our staff are industry experts who’ve worked in, managed, and owned their own salons.

We understand the sector, business needs, and what it takes to make your career in the industry a success: we are passionate about ensuring our employers and our learners Inspire Succeed and Amaze.

A Barbering Apprenticeship will allow you to learn from industry leaders, working towards a nationally recognised qualification whilst getting paid. Apprenticeships are unique in that they will enable you to get your first step on the career ladder in a real salon: something that the industry craves and respects!. You’ll gain personal independence, confidence, insider industry knowledge, team working and time management skills, all whilST getting one to one support from your personal Trainer Coach. Kick-start, develop and enhance your career with anApprenticeship.

Level 2 Apprenticeship in Barbering

The Level 2 Apprenticeship will provide you with the necessary skills and the foundational knowledge you need to prove occupational competence, and professionalism, as a barber.  You will learn the key skills needed to succeed in a barbering career, including advising and consulting with clients, shampooing and scalp treatment as well as the all crucial basic hair cutting techniques.

Level 3 Apprenticeship in Barbering

The Level 3 Barbering Apprenticeship is ideal for those in, or aspiring to, senior barber positions. The Level 3 will cover more advanced barbering techniques, allowing you to develop and grow your skills and advance your career.  You’ll learn how to provide a hairdressing consultation, meaning you'll be better able to support clients and provide quality customer service within salon. You'll develop your ability  to creatively cut and colour hair using a combination and variety of techniques, allowing you to spread you’re artistic wings.

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