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What to expect studying barbering

From mastering classic cuts to staying ahead of industry trends, our barbering courses provide you with all the knowledge and skills you need to progress your career. Learn directly from experts within the workplace and receive one to one support from our top-quality trainer coaches.  

Our online learning platform Moodle is where you can find a range of resources to further support your training. Our courses are made up of mandatory units which cover a range of different skills and techniques. Level 3 offers optional units which means you have the opportunity to tailor the course to whatever route you are interested in.  

What you will learn during your barbering course

What you learn will depend on which course you are studying and the units you choose. Level 2 Barbering will introduce you to the world of barbering, giving you the foundations to build your confidence and skills as a barber. You will learn how to shampoo and condition hair, basic cutting techniques and how to cut facial hair into shape. 

Our Level 3 Barbering course incorporates both hair and face in teaching and learning. You will build confidence in client consultation and shaving services. Optional units for this level include, colour correction, designing and creating hair patterns and providing specialist hair and scalp treatments.  

Different levels of barbering apprenticeships

Studying a Level 2 Barbering course is ideal for beginners who are just starting out in their career. Level 2 will help you build the necessary skills and knowledge to work as a junior barber.  

Level 3 Barbering is suited towards anyone aspiring to or already working in a senior barber position. Level 3 covers advanced techniques that will help you climb the career ladder to higher paid job roles.  

Level 2 Barbering

18 Months

Our qualification is designed for those ready to start their barbering career, or are in a junior barber role. You will finish with the foundational knowledge, competence and professionalism needed for a successful career.

Level 2

18 Months


Level 1

Level 3 Hair Proffesional

18 Months

Our qualification is suited to anyone aspiring to, or currently in, a senior barber role. Complex techniques and practices will be covered, developing your ability to provide excellent barbering services to your clients.

Level 3

18 Months


Level 2

" Every bit of advice and training has helped me become a better stylist. "

Morgan Thomason, Level 3 Barbering, Spirit Hair

What happens after your barbering course

Once you have completed your barbering apprenticeship, you will receive a national accredited qualification and be invited to celebrate your achievement at our annual graduation event, Gradu8.  

Take advantage of our fully funded apprenticeships and study more than one qualification. Some salons offer services in both hairdressing and barbering. Check out our Level 2 or 3 Hairdressing apprenticeship or develop your digital skills in Social Media for Business and Digital Marketing to support and enhance your online presence. 

Barbering apprenticeships in Wales FAQs

Why study barbering?

Barbering apprenticeships are perfect for those who thrive in a fast paced and busy environment. Our courses offer flexible, on the job training and a direct route into employment. Training to become a qualified barber can lead to various job opportunities from renting a chair or owning your own barbers, to working in TV and film 

How long does a barbering course take?

Both our Level 2 and Level 3 Barbering qualifications take approximately 15 months each to complete.  

Monthly visits from your trainer coach can last up to two hours per session and additional support can be provided. 

How much is a barbering course?

Our courses are free to study. Welsh Government funds all our apprenticeships which means you won’t have to pay for your qualification.  

I am a learner

Start your journey in hair and beauty or develop your skills in your current role to progress your career.

I am an employer

Recruit an apprentice or develop your team through our fully funded apprenticeship programme.

I am a parent

We can support your child to achieve an accredited qualification. Explore our apprenticeship vacancies.

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