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Social media and the salon

Co-owner of Salon Central, Rachel Evans, shares insights into the role of social media within the world of hairdressing. Fresh from completing her Social Media for Business apprenticeship in March, Rachel emphasises the significance of salon owners honing their skills in social media and digital marketing.  

What did you learn on the course?   

You learn a little bit of everything. One unit might be about video software, the other SEO. The course gives you all different skills. For the video software unit, I chose to use our salon’s TikTok to create and experiment with content ideas. I also learnt how to use Canva to create a social media advert.  

Keywords and optimisation were brand new to me, but I really enjoyed learning about it. There’s lots of different things to learn, which is helpful across the board if you’ve got a business. If you own a salon, it’s worth doing. You’ve got nothing to lose, you learn while you do. Plus, you can share the information with your staff.  

Do you feel like social media is a big part of hairdressing? 

Social media is essential for hairdressers. Instagram is the biggest platform for salons. Clients tend to direct message us to book their appointments. Some people do still use the website, but the majority of bookings come through social media. If I get a new customer, I ask them where they have seen us and there is always usually, two answers, Instagram, or Google. 

We get messages all times of the day. People will be scrolling through their phone, see that we’ve got an appointment available, and book in via the booking system. When I started hairdressing, you would have a receptionist who worked 9-5pm, whereas now it’s constant which is great as we get lots of bookings.  

Why is social media important? 

A lot of people want to see someone’s work before they book. They will look at your posts, especially if they are looking for a certain colour or hairstyle. A lot of hairdressers specialise in specific areas, and social media is a great way to advertise this. People look through Instagram like it’s a catalogue of your work.  

Your marketing has to be good to fill white spaces up. We find Instagram is the best way to do that. If I had a cancellation and put a story up, it would be filled the next day. Everyone’s on it all the time, so if they see it, it’s a good way to fill those spaces. 

How do you balance managing the salon whilst maintaining social media? 

My job role involves running the salon and being on the salon floor. I’m on the salon floor full time and do social media outside of working hours. I try my best to plan content using Meta Business Suite. It can be hard; I tend to make the reel there and then because trends change all the time. If it’s something easy, then I try to schedule it in. 

We have two apprentices; Sophie is doing Level 3 Hairdressing and Tiri who has recently qualified as a Level 2 hairdresser. Our staff do bits of social media for the salon. This course has enabled me to provide guidance to my team on managing their own social media accounts, offering them tips and tricks along the way. 

Do you want to upskill in social media? Explore our Level 3 Social Media for Business apprenticeship. 

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16th April 2024

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