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Here at Educ8 training we offer a range of wellbeing support.

If you find you are struggling with your learning we are here to help. We can support you to prioritise and plan your learning and identify what barriers are standing in your way. If you feel you need emotional support, then our Designated Safeguarding Lead Gemma Hartnoll-Smith will be able to help.

You can speak with your Trainer Coach who can make a referral for you. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, then you can contact Gemma directly. Her details are below.

Helping you succeed

What support looks like

All support packages are bespoke and will be developed with the safeguarding and/or wellbeing concern in mind, using mindfulness, coping techniques, emotional support and forward planning.

Our Safeguarding and wellbeing Officer is contactable via telephone, sms and email to provide ongoing support throughout your learning journey.


Designated Safeguarding Lead


Our Designated Safeguarding Lead Gemma Hartnoll-Smith is on hand to provide specialist support to learners when needed.

The support can be tailored to suit the needs of each learner and can be in the form of both practical or emotional support. Gemma will also be able to assist learners in making referrals to other agencies if additional support is required.

Gemma is primarily responsible for managing referrals and reports of concern. She will then make contact with the learner in order to develop a support package to meet their needs. Gemma is the central point of contact for wellbeing support and will take the necessary action to ensure there is no risk of harm to learners.

Gemma can be contacted on email: or 07745647524.

“Sometimes it's nice to know there is someone to talk to if you're struggling or just having a bad day. It's good to know you can send a message or make a phone call and someone will listen”


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