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What to expect from customer service training

Our customer service apprenticeships are ideal for salon staff looking to build confidence in their job role. If you work in a busy salon environment, an apprenticeship can provide a flexible approach to learning, helping you maintain a work life balance.  

Studying an apprenticeship involves learning on the job. You will be supported by your trainer coach and attend monthly one-to-ones to discuss the progress of your course and assignments. This flexible learning means you can complete work remotely and in your own time. 

Our courses include mandatory and optional units for you to specialise in areas that suit you and your future aspirations. Additional learning materials can be found on our online learning platform, Moodle, where you can access a variety of resources 24/7.  

What you learn during your course

Our qualifications will teach you the principles of customer service. You will learn how to communicate effectively and build positive working relationships with both customer and employers. 

Our range of units will give you the option to delve into areas you are most interested in, learn how to manage customer conflict, and resolve issues in a timely and professional manner. You will learn to communicate with customers in real-time via social media and telephone and develop skills to gather and analyse customer feedback. 

You will also manage your own performance and professional development to help develop an effective customer service strategy. Businesses that invest in customer service skills will achieve a better understanding of their customer’s needs.  

Customer service apprenticeships in Level 2 and 3

Depending on your level of ability, you can choose to study a Level 2 or 3 Customer Service qualification. If you are new to your role, our Level 2 apprenticeships will help lay the foundations for improving your customer service skills, introducing you to the basic skills and knowledge to fulfil your job role.  

Once you have completed your Level 2 course, you can progress to a Level 3 qualification. Our Level 3 in customer service takes a more advanced approach, delving deeper into customer retention and understanding your business environment. Optional units will give you the opportunity to collaborate with others, sharing ideas with team members to help improve overall performance.  

Level 2 Customer Service

12 Months

Level 2 will support and develop those aiming to deliver exceptional customer service. You will be taught how to meet customer needs, the value of customer retention, and the importance of product or service knowledge.

Level 2

12 Months


Level 1

Level 3 Customer Service

12 Months

Level 3 will give you the skills to develop a customer service strategy. You will understand how to review and analyse existing service provisions, and have the skills to process and resolve customer complaints.

Level 3

12 Months


Level 2

" Apprenticeships give you life skills, which I think everybody needs. "

Jalal Alfadreek, Level 2 Customer Service, Sky

Completing your customer service qualification 

Completing your customer service apprenticeship will give you an accredited qualification that you can take anywhere you go. Once you’ve completed Level 2, progress onto our Level 3 course. Educ8 Training Group also offer apprenticeships in Social Media for Business, Digital Marketing, and Leadership and Management for you to widen your skillset and increase your opportunities for higher paid roles. 

Every year we host a graduation ceremony – Gradu8, where you can celebrate your achievement in a cap and gown with friends and family.  

Customer service apprenticeships in Wales FAQs

Can you apply for an apprenticeship in customer service in Wales?

If you are already in employment, chat to your employer about studying an apprenticeship. You will stay on the same salary and in the same role while studying. If you are not currently employed, visit our apprenticeship vacancies and apply direct to the organisation. If successful, we will be in touch to get you started on our apprenticeship programme.  

How much do customer service apprentices get paid?

Customer service apprentices’ wages vary depending on the employer and level of study. If you are already in employment and looking to study with us, your salary will stay the same. 

Who delivers the customer service apprenticeship?

Our customer service apprenticeships are delivered by Educ8 Training. ISA Training is part of Educ8 Training Group which is why we can offer additional courses to support you and your business. 

How much do customer service apprenticeships cost?

Our courses are fully funded by Welsh Government and are free to the learner and employer. Learners get paid a wage when studying an apprenticeship. Employers can train new or existing staff members for free through our apprenticeship programme. 

I am a learner

Start your journey in hair and beauty or develop your skills in your current role to progress your career.

I am an employer

Recruit an apprentice or develop your team through our fully funded apprenticeship programme.

I am a parent

We can support your child to achieve an accredited qualification. Explore our apprenticeship vacancies.

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