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London Marathon 2024: Running in support of mental health 

Owner of Beauty in a Blink, Bridgend and Level 3 Beauty Therapist Clare Williams, prepares for the gruelling 26.2-mile race through the bustling streets of London this weekend. Already surpassing her target of £2000, Clare takes on one of the world’s most iconic long-distance running events, raising money for her chosen charity, Samaritans. 

The London Marathon invites people from all walks of life, from amateur enthusiasts to professional athletes, attracting thousands of participants each year. With support from her partner Will, two children Amy and Oliver, salon team and running family, Clare will set off on her marathon journey on Sunday, knowing that everyone is behind her. 

Over the last few months, Clare has organised a raffle to help raise funds, thanks to the generosity of local businesses and friends who have donated prizes including driving lessons, a professional photoshoot, a pet pampering session, a facial treatment and more. Clare continues to raise awareness and spread the incredible work of the charity, expressing her gratitude for the support they have given her and her family.  

Clare Williams said, “The charity is important to me for many reasons. They have been a pillar of support for members of my family facing mental illness, consistently available at the other end of the phone when needed. 

Since announcing that I was running the London Marathon, everyone has been extremely supportive. I couldn’t have done it without my family, friends and clients.  

Balancing the demands of marathon training with work, doing my apprenticeship and family life, has been difficult but I’ve learnt to take each day at a time and plan my routine.  

I can’t wait to be holding that medal at the finish line. Knowing I did it for so many people who are struggling with their mental health and knowing that the money I’ve raised will carry on the Samaritans work is truly fulfilling. What I’m least looking forward to however, is the last 6.2 miles. 

From the experience so far, I have learnt how much stamina I have and how if you put your mind to something, anything is possible.” 

We’d like to wish a huge, good luck to Clare this weekend and congratulate her on raising so much money and awareness for an incredible cause.  

If you would like to donate, please use the following link – or if you would like to follow Clare’s marathon journey, visit Beauty in a Blink Facebook page: Facebook

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