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5 reasons why apprenticeships benefit your salon

From offering new services and keeping up to date with industry trends to enhancing your salon’s reputation and long-term investment.  

Here are our top 5 reasons why apprenticeships are beneficial to your business and how hiring an apprentice or upskilling your current staff can turn your salon into a success.

  1. Fill skills gaps and offer more services

Hiring an apprentice allows you to nurture and develop new talent. Mold their skills to the needs of the business and align their techniques with the salon’s brand and style.  

With a range of different units, you can tailor each qualification to both the learner and the needs of the business. Filling skills gaps and potentially offering new and more services for your clients.

  1. Stay up to date with new and emerging trends

Whether they are straight out of school, changed career path or looking to progress in their role – the key theme is that they want to learn and will empower you to do the same.  

Apprentices often bring new ideas and a fresh perspective. Their enthusiasm and drive will contribute to creative thinking and new trends, helping the salon stay current and appeal to a diverse clientele.  

  1. Invest in your salon long term

As senior stylists and technicians move on or retire, the apprentice can seamlessly step into more senior roles. This will ensure a smooth transition and continuity of service.  

Training and mentoring an apprentice is an investment for the future. They will feel valued and aligned with the salon’s culture and values, which can lead to a dedicated and loyal employee who may want to stay on long term.

  1. Enhance your salons reputation

A salon that offers apprenticeships shows they are committed to professional development and growth within the industry. This can enhance the salon’s reputation and make it more appealing for employees and clients as well as potential brand partners.

It showcases a dynamic and evolving team and strengthens your salons image as a forward thinking and community-focused business.

  1. Access a pipeline of talent

Through participating in our apprenticeship programs, you will play a role in training the next generation of skilled professionals. It can address immediate staffing needs as we help support you with the recruitment process and can advertise vacancies directly on our website.

Salon owners can shape new talent and be part of the individual’s success story, increasing the salons profile.  

Our apprenticeships are fully funded by the Welsh Government – meaning it’s free to train new or current staff.  If you want to invest in your salon long-term, get in touch today.

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