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Championing work-based learning

We had the pleasure of inviting Morgan Thomason, ISA Ambassador and Level 3 Barbering apprentice, to share his insights at our recent business event – ISA Connect X Salon Help.

During his presentation, Morgan engaged with hair and beauty business owners and talked about his experience as an apprentice, highlighting the significance of learning in a safe and supportive environment, emphasising how it played a crucial role in boosting his confidence, that has ultimately led him to success in winning competitions across the UK.

Freedom and flexibility

The reason I think an apprenticeship is so beneficial is because you get to learn in a pressure free environment. When you’re at college, you’re constantly working to deadlines. When you’re in a salon, you’ve got more freedom and flexibility. You still have to complete your assignments, but you get to fit it around you and your work schedule.

I learnt in a safe environment. I knew I wasn’t going to do anything wrong and if anything did happen, there would always be someone there to help correct it. It’s very unlikely that you are the only person learning in the salon. You’ve got people to lean on, people to work with. You’ve got your trainer coach who is always there to support you.

Opportunities are everywhere

I’ve had so many opportunities through doing an apprenticeship. I’ve spoken at events, competed in national competitions, become an ISA Ambassador. It’s important that learners feel supported in the same way I do because there’s so much to get involved in.

Encouraging learners to enter competitions is great way to build confidence. It gives them another opportunity to really hone and develop their skills. It’s also a good way for people to find out more about you, show them what you’re capable of and that you’re committed to bettering yourself as a hairstylist.

Unlocking my passion

I remember having my hair cut in Spirit Hair and noticed a poster that said, ‘looking for apprentices’. I thought what is the worst that could happen. That was six years ago, and I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else. I’ve learnt so much in my training, I have started to pass things on to other members of my team.  

Once I’ve completed my Level 3 in Barbering, I would love to go down the leadership and management route. I really enjoy helping others and I feel like I’ve unlocked that passion through doing my apprenticeship. I think it’s so important to help more people come through the door and make them aware of all the opportunities that are available both inside and outside of the salon.

Looking to study an apprenticeship in hairdressing or barbering? Check out our current vacancies.

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