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Don’t be afraid to start again

From being a manager to a Level 3 Hairdressing apprentice at House of Hinton. Sophie Evans is proof that it’s never too late to start again.  

Celebrating lifelong learning as part of Adult Learners’ Week 2023, Sophie tells us why she decided to take a leap of faith and dive into a career she truly loves.

Although scary at first, Sophie inspires others to do the same. A true role model for those wanting to get back into learning.

I still had a lot more to learn

I was experimenting on my own hair in lock down. Every month I’d have a different hair colour – there was nothing else to do. I really got into it. Even something simple as dying my hair black. The whole process – doing my roots, getting a bit messy. I loved it.  

I follow a lot of vivid hair brands on social media and would watch people on YouTube doing tutorials. I knew I still had a lot more to learn, but college wasn’t what I wanted.  

Already having dropped out, I wanted to learn more about the “how” – the practical side of learning. When one of my friends shared an apprenticeship vacancy with me, I thought working in a salon would be a much better fit.

It’s going to be tough

It was very weird going from being a manager in my previous role, to starting again as an apprentice. I didn’t mind it because I felt excited to do something that I was passionate about. I was interested in hair; I wasn’t interested in anything else.

My boyfriend was supportive he said, “If this is what you want to do, if this is what will make you happy, then we can make it work.” I have had a lot of support and encouragement from him and my friends.  

I told myself, “It will only be a year. It is going to be tough at times but at the end of it, I will be qualified.” So, I went for it.  

I’m not here to mess around

It helps being older. Doing this when I was younger would not have worked for me. I am coming into it with a better work ethic. I’m not here to mess around. I’ve had time to grow and think about what I really want to.  

It has taken working in jobs that I didn’t really want to do, to make me realise what I do want to do.  

Doing an apprenticeship later on in life can be scary. You’ve got rent and bills to think about. But with the support I’ve had off my manager, my partner and Liz my trainer coach, I know I made the right decision.

There’s plenty of opportunities

When I get stuck into something, I can switch my brain off a little bit. I can zone out and do it. It’s quite therapeutic and relaxing.

I have had opportunities to do things as an apprentice, that I never would have had before. I was a hair model – I got to go to a hair competition in London. I was asked to do hair at Eisteddfod in North Wales.  

I have met some really cool people along the way. People I work with and clients. A few clients have become friends too.

No two curls are the same

It’s something new every day – especially cutting curly hair. No two curls are ever the same. You could have a full day of curly hair, but you are going to be doing something different with everyone. It has become one of my favourites to cut and style.  

A year ago, I would have been scared to pick up a pair of scissors. Working in House of Hinton has expanded my skillset. I am able to do anything and everything. I want to thank my salon manager Bryley Lougher, for taking a chance on me. I was newly qualified, but I still didn’t feel confident in my ability.  

She has given me the confidence to know I can do it. I look back and don’t recognise who I was a year ago. I am proud of how far I have come.  

Get back into learning with an apprenticeship in hairdressing. Apply direct to one of our vacancies or contact us about starting your dream career.

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