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Dropping out of college was the best decision I ever made

Ieuan Gleed has found his calling since leaving college to study a Level 2 barbering apprenticeship with ISA Training. Ieuan tells us to trust in your gut and do what’s right for you and your future career.

Working during the pandemic

I began working at Staddon’s Barbers just as the Covid-19 pandemic hit. It was a strange time to start as I was just getting started but then everything had to stop suddenly.  

I definitely missed work during that time and when we were allowed back, it was my time to get stuck in. It’s been three years since working here, and I’ve really enjoyed it. Everyone works as a team, gets along and there’s lots of banter which is great. We’ve built good relationships with each other and with the clients.  

From sports student to barbering apprentice

I originally studied sport at college but found it difficult to commute every day. It cost way too much money and it wasn’t what I wanted to do, so I decided to get a job. I knew Staddon’s was taking on an apprentice and thought I’d try my luck and applied for the position.

Doing an apprenticeship in barbering is a complete contrast to studying sports at college. I decided to have a career change because I wanted to do something new. I wasn’t enjoying the college setting, saw the opportunity to leave and took it.  

I really enjoyed school when I was younger but felt the school gave up on me. I knew that studying an apprenticeship was the right decision for me and I have no regrets.

Benefits of on-the-job training

I get a lot of satisfaction working as a barber. There’s just something about cutting people’s hair. I believe the customer does too as we’ve been able to make them feel good about themselves. It makes their day.

It’s also a really sociable job and I can talk to anyone. This industry suits me down to a tee because I never stop talking and enjoy being around others and working with people on a daily.  

Learning whilst on the job is key. The practical side comes more naturally to me, and I enjoy being hands on. Connor shows us what to do and how to do it which makes things a lot easier to learn. My trainer coach, Jenna Evans is always so supportive and has helped me keep on top of my work.

Learning in a supportive environment

I’ve seen a huge improvement since working at Staddon’s Barbers. I look back at my work and cringe a little, but I can see how I’ve improved since I first started. My manager Connor has given me a lot of respect and pushed me. I owe everything to Connor. He’s made me the barber I am today.

Get out of the classroom and into the workplace with an apprenticeship in barbering.

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