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Starting my own business business

After graduating last September, Callie Rattenbury swiftly launched her own beauty salon, wasting no time in turning her qualifications in Level 2 Beauty Therapy into a thriving business opportunity.

With a special flair for nail art, Callie continues to push herself further, expanding her services by pursuing a Level 3 qualification in Beauty Therapy – Massage.  

Callie chats to us about her journey so far, this seasons nail trends, and navigating some of the challenges that comes with having your own business.  

Shooting hoops to painting nails

My passion for beauty developed later on. When I left school, I went to college to do a performance and excellence course in netball – the complete opposite to what I am doing now.  

I would practice doing make-up on myself in my spare time and then once Covid-19 hit, I decided to sign up to do a short make-up course with Bella Beauty. That’s when I really fell in love with it.  

Two years later, I qualified in Level 2 Beauty Therapy, started my Level 3 Beauty Therapy – Massage apprenticeship, and opened my own salon – Callie Marie Beauty.

Staying ahead of nail trends

Clients usually come to me with a photo or an idea of how they want their nails to look. They sometimes go to my Instagram page and see what previous clients have had done. I am quite lucky, in that a lot of my clients are happy for me to be creative.  

Trends are always changing in the salon. One trend I have noticed recently is the almond shape nails. It’s got slightly more of a point than other rounded nails. In terms of colour trends, I would say French. A white tip with a nude base is my sister’s favourite.  

On the lead up to Valentine’s Day it was mostly red and pink hearts. The evil eye has creeped back in – that was a last summer favourite. Personally, I love a white chrome nail at the moment, it gives a nice shimmery finish.

Collaborative salon spaces

At first it was strange going from working in a busy salon to working on my own, because you suddenly have less people to chat to. When opening my own salon, I decided to share the space with my friend and fellow beauty therapist – Beauty by Antonia.  

It’s nice because we work together majority of the time, although sometimes, client availability varies and we occasionally work alone on an evening.

I try my best to stick to my timings and have a strict schedule. Evenings are the most popular time to book, so if someone wants to come in later, I have the flexibility to start later too.

Building you clientele base through social media

Being employed in a salon, you are more likely to get walk ins, but I’ve noticed through working for myself, you are more reliant on bookings.  

Building my client base was difficult to start with but now I have a lot of regulars coming in to get their nails done. I have social media to thank. Instagram brings in a lot of work.  

Beauty is so visual and posting content is important to help grow your business. I’m still learning. I think having a social media schedule will definitely help me stay active but also remind people to book.

We’d like to say a huge congratulations to Callie on the successful launch of very own nail and beauty salon – Callie Marie Beauty.  

For more information on how to book your appointment, visit Callie Marie Beauty or explore our Level 2 and 3 apprenticeships in Beauty Therapy.

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