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Taking the hairdressing world by storm

At just 19, Level 2 Barbering Apprentice Alex Evans from Spirit Hair Team has already completed his Level 1 and 2 apprenticeships in Hairdressing and is halfway to completing his Level 2 apprenticeship in Barbering.

In his interview, Alex tells us about his recent promotion to Hair Stylist and what drives him to constantly push boundaries in the world of hair.  

I’ve had 2 promotions since completing

I’ve been working at Spirit Hair Team since the age of 16 – straight out of school and into the salon. There wasn’t an option to do hairdressing at school. The closest thing I could do was Art, Textiles and Business. I tried to think about the skills I would need for a career in hairdressing and to me that made the most sense.  

I have had two promotions since starting at Spirit Hair – I am now officially a Hair Stylist. I like to set goals and that was one of them. I don’t work well if I don’t. My next goal is to become a Senior Stylist – I aim to be at the top of my game.

Social media is a great way to learn

When I look back, I can see how much I have improved. I have learnt so much from social media. I would scroll through TikTok and save the different cuts and colours that I’d love to do. I follow celebrity stylists such as Chris Appleton who cuts hair for Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez.  

I’ve always admired Kevin Murphy and watched a lot of his videos online. I follow lots of different hair care brands such as, K18 and Olaplex to keep me inspired. Social media is great for that. Once I’ve seen something, I want to be able to recreate it myself.  

Experiencing the real world

I learn a lot from the people around me. My friends were the ones who recommended an apprenticeship. You have one to one support; there’s constant training and you get paid as well. Which is a bonus when you turn 16 because all you think about is how to earn money.  

Working in a salon, you get treated like an adult. You gain respect and get to experience the real world. You learn how best to speak to clients, how to word things and how to check in on them. Always keeping in touch.  

Using Welsh in the salon

There are two Welsh speakers in the salon, myself and my colleague. It is an advantage because I have clients who come in and Welsh is their first language. They feel more comfortable speaking in Welsh which is nice because I get to practice.

I make sure my clients are well looked after. I want them to feel relaxed and comfortable – like they can chat to me about anything. It’s always good to check in because you never know what someone is going through. Be professional and friendly.

Work hard and you’ll reap the rewards

Looking back at the things I thought I couldn’t do; I’ve now been able to achieve. My advice to hairdressers would be to push yourself – even to the point where you feel you can’t do it. Once you break through that barrier, it’s a real big pat on the back. A wow moment.

Remember to be proud of where you are now and don’t take it for granted. If you put the work in, you’ll reap the rewards. School pushed me to aim high and I feel like that shows in my work today and how much I’ve been able to achieve at a young age.

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