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There is always more to learn

Did you know you can study more than one apprenticeship? Level 3 apprentice, Joel Perrington hasn’t stopped honing his skills and is about to complete his fourth apprenticeship with ISA Training.

Joel reminds us that there is no limit to learning and why he’s eager to continue developing his talent for hairdressing.  

Working with different hair

My fascination for hair began when I had a Saturday job at the age of 15. I was close to finishing my GCSE’s and decided that I wanted to study an apprenticeship.  

When I worked as a barber, I discovered that I didn’t want to cut just short hair. I wanted to cut and style a variety of hair types and lengths and really enjoyed the mix. Studying both my barbering and hairdressing apprenticeships gave me that option and has really enhanced my learning.

Leaning something new everyday

I have completed three apprenticeships in hairdressing and barbering and I’m about to qualify for the fourth time in Level 3 hairdressing this summer.  

The experience you gain from working in the salon environment is huge. I have worked in many salons and the best way to learn is by watching how people work. You pick up on a variety of skills and techniques because everyone is different. Trends change all the time and working on the job keeps you up to date. There is always something new to learn.

Enjoying where I work

Getting paid to learn is definitely a selling point for me. You get paid a fair wage and learn a lot in a short space of time. It is such a positive and supportive environment; it makes coming to work enjoyable.  

I have only been working at Crave Hairdressing for a few months and it has been a lot of fun. The atmosphere is great, and everyone gets a long which makes a huge difference. It has also opened my eyes to the impact we have on the environment as we recycle everything we use, from plastic bottles to hair foils.  

Crave is all about helping the environment and I love that.  

Looking to the future

ISA apprenticeships are extremely flexible. I can work around other commitments and family life, balancing my love for football and spending time with my girlfriend.  

My trainer coach, Amira Museud is lovely and supportive, and I’ve really enjoyed learning about the different ways of colouring – making sure it all connects and flows. There is just so much to learn and I’m excited to see where my next qualification takes me.

Whether you’re looking to study your first apprenticeship or wanting to up-skill with a new qualification, contact us.

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