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This barber means business

Young entrepreneur and Level 2 barbering apprentice Joseph Pollock, brings his business to the barbers as he discovers his talent for cutting hair and decides to take it to the next level.

Starting my own business

Before I officially entered the world of barbering, I was cutting hair at home. It was a bit of fun at first but then I began to take it more seriously.

Barbering wasn’t a career I thought I would go into. I would get great feedback from practicing on friends and family which is why I decided to give it a go.

I was lucky enough to set up a business at home and would cut hair in my living room. I invested in a brand-new chair and clippers and my clientele kept building.

I really enjoyed doing it and not long after I landed myself on a JGW+ programme at Staddon’s Barbers doing my Level 1 qualification.

Social media and barbering

I regularly post images and videos of my client’s hair on social media. It’s a great way to showcase what I can do and see how far I’ve come.

Social media has become an important part of my role. I photograph the client’s hair before and after, so they can see the transformation.

I really enjoy creating content and know that I am getting better each day. It’s a great tool to promote the business and helps bring in more clients.

Furthering my skills

Not every haircut is the same. I enjoy learning how to do a variety of cuts because it makes me better at my job. I like a challenge.

I am confident in doing skin fades and really looking forward to learning more about the different types of scissor cuts.

It’s better to be hands on and I’m learning a lot more than I would in a college setting. I’m so glad I did my Level 1 qualification and Level 2 apprenticeship with ISA Training because it evidences my work.

I have been able to progress quickly and hope to continue my training on the Level 3 barbering course at Staddon’s Barbers.

Ease yourself into an apprenticeship with a JGW+ Level 1 qualification and progress your career onto a Level 2 barbering apprenticeship.

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