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Why maths is essential in the salon

We all know that Essential Skills can sometimes be challenging. But don’t let it be the reason you give up on your dream career. Maths is used every day in the salon. From mixing colours and managing stock to cutting hair and pricing services.  

ISA Account Manager, Donna Bowen-Anderson said, “Some learners think hairdressing is easy. They don’t realise the skills and knowledge it takes.  

If you apply maths to what you love doing, it’s so much more enjoyable and will make you better at your job. It’s a life skill and an important life skill.

A lot of our learners are scared – our ESQ assessors aren’t like the maths teachers you had in school. If you’re doing a colour for somebody, you’ve got to add a mixture of two for example E10 and E4. You’re using maths constantly to make sure that the colour is correct.”

You’re probably not aware that you’re using maths as part of your everyday routine. Uncover the 8 ways mathematics play an essential role in the salon.  

1. Appointment scheduling

Booking in clients, you need to have a basic understanding of numbers to be able to estimate the amount of time needed for each client.

2. Managing stock

Salon managers use their maths skills to track stock levels, reorder products and calculate stock turnover to make sure they have everything they need.

3. Pricing services

If you’re thinking about owning your own salon, you need to consider the cost of the products used, time spent and how much profit you want to make.  

4. Colour mixing

Hair colourists need maths to mix the correct ratios to achieve their clients desired hair colour.  

5. Salon design

If you’ve just bought a salon, you will need to calculate the space to ensure you can accommodate staff and clients and the services that you’re offering.  

6. Cutting hair

Maths is key to cutting hair. You need to know all about angles, lengths and shapes and they need to be accurate.

7. Taking payments

The most obvious use of maths within the salon is taking payments from clients. You need to cost up the cut or colour and charge them the amount.  

8. Running a salon

Every business requires maths. It is essential for calculating profits and outgoings, bills and paying your stylists.

Essential Skills is an important part of each apprenticeship framework. If you’re worried about Essential Skills get in touch. We are here to support you and help you complete your qualification. Find out more about our apprenticeships in Hairdressing.

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