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Wrapping up the year in hair

As we wrap up the 2023 season, we sat down with Sophie Holbrook, a Level 2 Hairdressing apprentice at Haircraze by Naomi in Caerphilly. Sophie shares her insights on the standout hairstyles, colours, and cuts of the year and offers her predictions for hair trends in 2024.

Autumnal hair trends

Copper and caramel colours are still extremely popular with a lot of our clients. People like to go warmer for the winter, especially during Halloween and Christmas. Adding red and orange tones gives people a cosy yet festive feel.  

We’ve recently had clients ask for reverse balayage which is where you add a subtle darkness with lowlights but still have that pop of blonde coming through. It’s a nice way to add more depth and contrast to your hair without fully going brown.

Bouncy blowouts have also become popular with lots of layers and volume. Nineties inspired hairstyles have definitely made a comeback.

2024 hair predictions

Entering the new year, I think we will see more of the soft balayage. In the summer months I think people will ask for lighter, baby pinks – perhaps not as bright as the Barbie pink trend but more of a festival look. I predict that we’ll see more shag cuts or maybe heavily layered hairstyles.  

I love creating vibrant and bold hair looks. My favourite is vivid hair because I can experiment and be creative with colour. Hairstyles that I’d like to leave behind would be the V-shaped cuts and patterned-dyed buzz cuts. I’m also not the biggest fan of ombre so I’d be glad to let that one go. Balayage is in, ombre is out.

Looking back on 2023

I think the biggest thing I’ve gained from doing my apprenticeship is confidence. I have been at Haircraze for almost 3 years now and have learnt so much in that time.  

A lot of my friends went to college to do hair and beauty and because I wasn’t sure what to do, I followed suit. But then I quickly realised that I needed to decide for myself.  

Hair is my passion. Going straight from school to working in a salon, was the better option for me. My trainer coach Katie has been so helpful and organised and is always there when I need her. I feel a lot more confident in my ability and am proud of how far I’ve come. Once I’ve completed my barbering course, I’m looking forward to progressing towards my Level 3 qualification in Hair.

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